Sunday, March 25, 2012

Random stuff I am working on.

Here are a few projects I have on the go.

A tool for querying baseball seasons (who has the most games at SS for a player who made zero errors and hit 40 homeruns?) -- This is similar to BB-ref's PI tool except it's more flexible (and less robust.) I built it specifically to make it very easy to add new stats, and more functionality. IT doesn't look like much but the back-end is coded to be highly scale-able and extensible. Even doing something drastic like changing it from Baseball to Hockey should be a fairly straight forward change, and I might do exactly that when I'm done.

A tool for testing baseball lineups: This is a tool for simulating seasons with various lineups to see, eg, would a team score more runs with Ichiro batting lead-off or batting third? This is the only lineup tool I know of that uses an actual play-by-play simulator in the backend (rather than applying complicated algorithms,) so I think it's more auditable. All players can have their stats adjusted so if you want to plug in hypothetical numbers or projections rather than using the 2011 stats you can do that. This project is currently shelved until I can solve some of my javascript performance problems.

Baseball Hall of Fame Ballot Counter: Part 3 of 3 in my baseball site toolbox from Curly Bacon :) This project tracks voting history for the hall of fame. The plan is to track votes so you can easily look back on the past and see who voted for whom. It is missing a lot of data right now as I am lazy and data entry is not really my favorite thing (Data entry people wanted!!)

These are the baseball-related projects I have ongoing. I have a few more personal sites that I won't post until I complete.

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